Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens once I booked online or over the phone?

After booking with us, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the dates and      times,clothing and gear list, tour itinerary, and if applicable the requested rental information. Please double check the information.
What should I wear to be comfortable?
Generally, we recommend to wear casual, comfortable clothing with the option to layer. For experiences in the outdoors it is always better to plan ahead and prepare for all kinds of conditions. The weather in the mountain changes fast. Because of that we recommend clothing items that you can layer on to adjust to different levels of energy output (increase of warmth) and weather. As a general rule of thumb avoid cotton as it can absorb moisture, but remains wet and in the process, loses the ability to insulate and on top if it, cotton doesn’t dry quickly. We recommend wool or synthetic fibres.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

For a rental item for a full full refund you must cancel 24 hrs prior to your rental booking.  For a Guided Tour you need to cancel 72 hours before the start of the tour.  

Can I pay by credit card?cash? cheque? US dollars? Euro?

We accept Credit/Debit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), Paypal, Gift vouchers and Canadian Dollars

What is damage deposit for?

Damage deposit covers potential damage caused to rented equipment. The deposit is fully refunded when the equipment is returned without damage. Damage deposit for watersport equipment is CAD$200 and CAD$500 for mountain bikes.

What happens if I damage equipment?

We charge Rates $30 per hour for repair, with a 1hr. minimum. In addition we add the cost of parts and materials needed. You will be charged the full retail value for lost, stolen or destroyed rental equipment

Can I purchase damage insurance?
Yes, we offer insurance for CAD$29 that will cover damage up to CAD$300.

Can I reschedule my booking without additional cost if the weather is bad?

Although we do operate in rain or shine, we will reschedule your booking depending on availability.

What should I do if I’m running late returning rented gear?

Call us right away when you realize that you won’t make it. Depending on how late you run, we might charge you with additional time for the equipment.

I would like to extend my rental, is it possible?

For extending rental, please call us to check if the gear is available for another day, as there may be reservations for the gear the following day.

I would like to do a multi-day tour. Is it possible?

We are happy to customize your experience with Sea to Sky Adventure Company. Give us a call and we can create a customized itinerary just for you.

Can you provide us multi-sport Tour?
Yes, definitely. Bike, Paddle and Hike in the same day or the same weekend.  Contact us.

Why the bikes aren’t prepared prior to our arrival?

Each bike needs to be set up specifically for you.  If they are not prepared, then we were missing some of your information, such as height and weight.

Do you also rent helmets for bikes?
Yes, we do rent helmets and knee pads.

Do you have also kid’s bikes?
We also rent bikes with 20″, 24″and 26″ wheel bikes suitable for kids and youth.

How far is it to the nearest trailhead?
ValleyCliff Trails are accessible outside of our shop by riding through the Smoke Bluff Park.  Garibaldi Highlands trailhead is 7km from our base, Diamond Head is 8km.

How difficult are bike trails in Squamish?  Are bike trails in Squamish suitable even for beginners?

Riders of any experience and skills can choose from wide variety of trails in Squamish.

I can’t fit bikes inside my car, do you have a bike rack?

We rent universal bike-racks for your car or rental vehicle.

I love your bikes, can you sell me one?

We sell our bikes at the end of the  season starting in September, ask our staff about being added to the bike sale reservation list.  

Where can I wash bikes?

There is a wash stand is located in front of Adventure Centre.

Do you provide repair kit for bikes?

You can buy a basic repair kit (tube, lever, mini-pump and Allen key) for CAD$20. If unused, we can buy it back for CAD$15.  

Do you also rent lifejackets for water rentals?

All out watersport rentals included safety gear:  personal lifejacket and throw rope/bailing pump for kayaks and canoes

How should I attach canoe/kayak/SUP to my car?

Best practise is to load them on your roof rack, two straps are provided with each rental. If your car doesn’t have a roof rack, we rent universal soft roof racks that will fit on any vehicles and is safe for rental vehicles for $15CAD.